This article is to tell you why hiring an ethical SEO company is important and how to make sure you selecting a good website promoter.

Search Engine optimization is the most demanding and required ingredient in Internet marketing. Consequently, lots of new players are coming into this arena with guaranteed result in comparatively less time and less amount. Well, the offer sounds impressive at first sight, especially if you are unaware of the term ethical search engine optimization.

To impress a client and for quick temporary results, some SEO firms use aggressive SEO techniques like cloaking, creating ghost pages and link farms. Since, SEO is a lazy process and takes time to show the results, those black hat SEO firm take your money away before you know the truth.

Do you really think that an expert website promoter may work for you for a few hundred dollars? Choosing wrong players not only waste of money and time, but sometimes penalized your website through search engines.

Sooner or later, smart search engines find websites using unethical SEO techniques to promote their pages. They blacklist those websites from indexes and then you lose the organic traffic and buyers. BMW once has been penalized by Google for using unethical methods, but they are a big brand and got recovered. You might not be that lucky. So, now the question rose how would you know the ethics of your hired SEO firm?

Research about the company before hiring

Research a bit about company profile, history and reviews before you hire them. Do not get easily attracted towards lower price and incredible offers. A company promising No 1 ranking in all major search engines is susceptible. No one can do it for you besides search engines unless you deserve the position.

Ask them what they are going to do?

An ethical search engine optimization company keeps their methods transparent to their clients. Companies using wrong methods, like shadow domains, doorway pages or irrelevant content must be avoided. No matter if they tell you the truth about their unethical methods even.

A written contract

It is always better to play at safe side. Get a written and signed contract by the company of having details work to be done and assurance of stick to the ethical standards at all levels. You may take legal action against the company in violation of rules they defined in the contract paper.

Last but not least thing you should remember that, irrespective of your hired SEO Company, it is your website and you totally responsible for the activities happened in there.

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